Welcome to our website. We know you came to the United States to improve your life, and we want to help you reach that goal. The objective of ABC’s for Immigrants – ABC’s para Inmigrantes is to provide the most current information about the everyday issues that undocumented, temporary permit holders, and legal permanent residents face in this country. It’s important that you know what can cause you to lose your permanent residency or keep you from ever becoming legal. If you are a United States citizen, you will want to know how to get your family members legal. Our information is educational in purpose. Even though we don’t want to give you legal advice, we can help you avoid the most common mistakes that immigrants make.

We have a book in Spanish available now. The English one is on its way. You can also visit our videos on our YouTube channel, ABC’s for Immigrants and ABDdeInmigrantes.

We provide all of our information in Spanish and English. It will help you to navigate life in this country. We’ve gathered the most important information in one place. Just for you. If you have a legal issue, it is better to have your own attorney to represent you. The number one issue we tell you about is how to avoid getting deported. You want to make it in the United States. The best way to do that is to respect its laws and to contribute in the best way you can.

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Despite the negative stereotypes that certain people promote, immigrants are not all criminals. Most of you have come to this country seeking better opportunities. You contribute to the economy of the United States in many ways. You build our homes, harvest our crops, and help raise our children. Yet you face constant attacks and racism. While you may often feel alone, don’t give up on your dream to better your life. There are many people and organizations that support you.

There are no guarantees that you will obtain legal status. You need to know your rights. Being a hard worker is a skill that benefits this country. Always remember that even undocumented workers are protected by certain federal and state laws. You need a good source of information, that that is what ABC is about.

We want to provide you reliable and updated information on a variety of topics, including immigration. Our goal is not to give you legal advice. Instead, we want to provide you information about your rights and responsibilities to protect yourself and to support your goal to succeed. We want to help you be a valuable member of our society.

For more information about these topics, order our book currently available in Spanish. Chapters A-Z are available in English and sold separately so that you can read the chapters that are most relevant to you.